Everyman (2015)


Technologies and techniques

If a modern day Everyman is to relate to its audience in ways that echo the relationships of medieval playing, it must be self-conscious about the elements of its construction and incorporate available technologies into its play. These articles examine how music, costume, social media, and film build up layered meanings for our performance through thoughtful and creative approaches to some of the play’s key themes and issues.

Using and Enjoying the Time of Music in Everyman
by Rebecca Bartels

EveryCostume: How We Dressed a Medieval Play for 2015
by Corinne Fox

Everyman’s Virtual Life: Style and Content on the Facebook Event Page
by Connor Kirkwood

The Challenges of Filming Everyman
by Thom Niemann

The presence of play

Allegorical drama can seem dry and abstract on the page, yet, as the articles below reveal, it can come strikingly alive in live performance. The authors below concur that the morality play’s vitality rests in the presence of actors and audience to one another, a feature of medieval drama that can impact modern actors and audiences in unexpected and varied ways.

Allegory and Audience Awareness in the Performance of Everyman
by Noah Goldstein

Discomposing Everyman: Personalizing the Play in Live Performance
by Jasmine Ismail

Teachable Moments: The Doctor’s Play with Space in Everyman
by Connor Mannion

Experimenting with Play in the Game of Everyman
by Oona Murley

Everyman’s Medieval Theatricality: A Performance of Performance
by Stephanie Silver

Translating character, characterizing translation

The task of translation does not only entail movement from one linguistic code to another; it also involves movement between iconographies, literary forms, social types, and cultural systems. Translation is always an interpretation, on multiple levels; the articles below explore how various kinds of translation shaped character, staging, and action in our production of Everyman.

Every Man & Woman: Gender, Casting, and Historical Performance
by Kyle Davis

One Life, Many Faces: Everyman’s Existential Crisis
by Anthony Guerrieri

Goods, Death, and a Crucifix: Significance in a Stage Gag
by Chrissy Pusz

From Medieval To Modern: How to Give A Voice To Everyman
by Marissa Sblendorio

Laughing at Death: Comedy in the Translation of Everyman
by Lindsay Stone

Doctor Connor Mannion
God Dillon Dwyer
Death Noah Goldstein
Everyman I Anthony Guerrieri
Friendship Dillon Dwyer
Mother Gaby Besada
Father Connor Kirkwood
Sister Rebecca Bartels
Maid Noah Goldstein
Goods Chrissy Pusz
Entourage Kyle Davis
Lindsay Stone
Connor Kirkwood
Corinne Fox
Noah Goldstein
Everyman II Corinne Fox
Good Deeds Marissa Sblendorio
Knowledge Oona Murley
Confession Stephanie Silver
Priest Noah Goldstein
Beauty Rebecca Bartels
Strength Anthony Guerrieri
Discretion Connor Kirkwood
Five Senses Lindsay Stone
Everyman III Kyle Davis
Angels Corinne Fox
Gaby Besada
Camera Thom Niemann
Jasmine Ismail


Albin’s Undergrads Produce Innovative Website
Fordham English Connect
August 27, 2015

Quiz: Which Character from “Everyman” Are You?
Kyle Davis
May 7, 2015

Fordham Medieval Dramatists Produce Extraordinary Version of “Everyman”
Fordham English Connect
May 5, 2015

Facebook Event Page
Everyman Media Group
April 26, 2015


Credits: Andrew Albin, Gultekin Garadaghly, Boyda Johnstone, Will Linden, Filipe Ribeiro, Martine Stern

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